Having feet problems is extremely difficult. It will affect you’re your everyday life. It can be simple but it will definitely disrupt your routine. There are various feet conditions that you might experience and one of them is Morton’s Neuroma. This condition is also often called Morton’s Metatarsalgia or Interdigital Neuroma.

Interdigital Neuroma is a condition where in the nerves between the feet’s bones starts to thicken because of getting squashed, stretched or damaged. This condition may be caused by certain situations and habits like wearing tight and high-heeled shoes, playing too many sports that require running, or because of having other foot problems as well, like bunions, flat feet, high arches, etc.

If you think that you might be experiencing some symptoms of interdigital neuroma like sharp pains or feeling like you have a pebble in your shoes, consult your doctor immediately. Delaying your appointment with your doctor might only make the condition worse. Here are some treatment options for a person with Morton’s metatarsalgia.

Getting Physical Therapy

The first kind of treatment for interdigital neuroma has a conservative approach and it is with the help of a physical therapist. The therapist will be involved in making sure that you are wearing the right footwear to alleviate the pain that is caused by the neuroma.

The first step for the treatment is by choosing the right kind of shoes for your feet and they may recommend you to find shoes with soft soles, a wide toe box, and low-heeled ones. This means that you have to stay away from high-heeled and nonpadded shoes because it’ll just make the condition worse.

The next step that you should know about the conservative management of Morton’s metatarsalgia is altering the alignment of your foot’s metatarsal head medial so it would be adjacent to the neuroma. By doing this, you’ll prevent irritation or compression to the digital nerve of your foot. The process will involve the use of gel pads inside your shoes to get the elevation that your foot needs.

Other physical therapy treatments that patients can opt for are Cryotherapy, ultrasonography, stretching exercises, and deep tissue massage. It also said that using ice can decrease the inflammation caused by the condition.

Getting Surgery

Sometimes, conservative treatments are not enough to treat neuroma which may cause patients to look for surgical treatments instead. Some of the surgical options for this foot condition are the following:

  • Neurectomy
  • The release of the transverse intermetatarsal ligament which can be carried out with without neurolysis.
  • Endoscopic decompression for the transverse metatarsal ligament of the foot.
  • Dorsal Surgical approach

Having a condition like Morton’s neuroma is painful. It is not an ordinary condition and needs medical attention immediately. There are several treatment options that patients can choose from so they can be free from the pain of this condition. However, remember that prevention is always better than cure so take care of your feet before it’s too late. These treatments especially the surgical ones are not cheap so do your best avoid experiencing this condition.