A glass stair railing offers the benefit of transparency, but it also allows you to create a modern, spacious, and more breathable space. Not to mention, it looks great in any home, office or commercial building. Of course, it’s important to choose the right manufacturer that not only offers the right appeal but safety as well. If you don’t feel sold on the idea of using transparent glass railings for your staircase, here are a few of the reasons you may wish to reconsider:

*No Obstructed Views

There are certain instances where you may need to be able to see what’s going on from the floor you’re on to the floor down below. This is especially true for office spaces or if you have young family members you need to keep a watchful eye on. Unfortunately, the real issue with many traditional staircases and railings is that they obstruct your view of what’s going on on the first floor. Transparent glass railings take care of this problem by removing the balustrades that are responsible for the obstructed view and will allow you a 100% field of vision.

Do you live in a beautiful cabin or in a scenic area? All the more reason to opt for glass railings as they can allow you to bring the outdoors in. Large windows coupled with glass railings allow you to view the outdoors unobstructed and make you feel like you’re one with nature.

*Clean, Sleek And Modern

The problem that many contemporary homeowners are faced with is that they love a modern look with minimal clutter and sleek lines. Unfortunately, traditional staircases are meant to be ornate and eye-catching, whereas, modern staircases should be kept minimal. A  glass stair railing is able to bring your home into this century while making it feel uncluttered and clean enough to work with any modern environment. Even better, you get your option of different types of glass that can ensure safety and visibility.


It’s true that glass does need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove fingerprints or dust, however, you also have to consider that traditional building materials such as metal and wood need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. For example, wood needs to be refinished and oiled to ensure that your balustrade doesn’t crack. Metal railings may rust or deteriorate over time, which is why glass is long-lasting and will remain in style long after certain trends do not.


One of the biggest benefits to choosing glass railings for your staircase is that they are custom-made to completely fit the desired area. You don’t have to worry about overhangs or missing pieces as the glass is measured and fitted by a professional company to ensure it’s an exact fit every time. You also have your choice of curved or flat designs as well as any additional custom features.

Having a staircase isn’t the end of the world, but when it comes to choosing the correct railings, make sure you do consider the benefits of glass. At first glance, glass may seem like a dangerous material, but the reality is that almost everything is tempered glass nowadays and the benefits far outweigh the potential setbacks.